About Us

The Birth of a Business…

So, our little home business started when browsing for our own wedding gifts nearly a year and a half before this little venture kicked it’s feet off the ground in 2019!

We spent a lot of our time for about 3 months making our own wedding invitations, table decorations, wedding favours, etc etc for our 300 guests…yes, really, nearly 300 people!!! We realised then that we loved it and missed being creative.

And that’s where Diamond in the Scruff was born! In a moment of madness whilst wedding planning.

From those invites and favours, it has become something where we can make everything personal to those receiving gifts, and that’s what we love most. Seeing the faces light up when they see something has been made just for them, and that joy and gratefulness is what keeps us going.

We are a very small, family run business at the moment that we fit around our day time jobs and family at home but that’s just how we like it at the minute – believe it or not Diamond in the Scruff is the calm in our daily routines!

Please have a look through our photos and reviews on our page and if you have any questions, then please just drop us a message – we don’t bite! We happily work on commission for sourcing and making items as well as what is available in our store and on our Facebook page at the moment.

Keep an eye on our Etsy store and Facebook page for announcements and new listings.

Please also check out our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/DiamondintheScruffCrafts/

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